Art and Life Deep in the Woods

April 21, 2009


Bravo Kevin and Fallen Angels 3 IMGP0555

Kevin Miller works on “Fallen Angels,” his 6 ft x 8 ft oil painting on canvas

This is the beginning of a discussion about art and life deep in the woods. I sold my big 5-bedroom/3-bath house on 1.1 acres in the Philadelphia suburbs, just before the real estate crash and bought 10 acres, just a 20-minute walk through beautiful state game lands to the Susquehanna River in South-Central PA 12 miles north of the MD line. Some people call this area “L’il Alabama.”  I decided that it was better for my ultimate survival to move from an upper middle class celebrated home to an old, rickety house in the woods where cell phones don’t ring and you could yell your lungs out and nobody would hear you. Most people thought I was crazy. Some still do. 

Then the whole world economy crashed and I knew I had been right. My fortune 500 business consultation work slowed way down, and I began concentrating on my chickens and the half-acre pond with 60 2-foot-long koi, and my 6 dogs and 16 parrots, and making art — all kinds of art — like multi-media constructions made from junk mail, plastic trash, and dollar store finds — and Provence Style landscapes and still life paintings inspired by Cezanne and Picasso and Southern France — and fantasies — and good old abstract expressionism. Art of all kinds is good. I cannot and will not limit myself to one form of expression. But I am more than happy to limit myself to the infinite world of nature’s beauty within these ten acres most days.

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