The Tree Frogs Are Singing on Sawmill Pond

April 22, 2009


Here on Sawmill Pond the tree frogs have been singing in multi-part harmony as part of their annual mating ritual. Every year the first warm evening of spring brings the great frog orgy — green frogs, brown frogs and red frogs all ballooning their throats, trilling ecstatically and creating the next generation wherever you look. On that evening anyone walking around our half-acre pond has to be careful not to step on deeply preoccupied couples. My six dogs love to chase them back into the water. Over the next several days there are large thick ribbons of frog eggs all along the sunnier side of the pond at the water’s edge. That’s the situation today — many ribbons of frogs eggs that look like coiled snakes in the shallows. Soon there will be millions of tiny tadpoles all around the edge of the pond. The frogs are still here and I am so grateful. I have lived in other places where they disappeared, and their song was not heard again. I will do whatever I can to keep them alive and healthy. After all, they were here first.

One Response to “The Tree Frogs Are Singing on Sawmill Pond”

  1. Jim Kulevich said

    Love the photograph of Sawmill Pond – very Huckleberry Finn-like

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