Life in the Woods is Perfect for an Artist » Bravo Kevin Sawmill Pond 1 IMGP0574

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  1. Wayne R. Johnson said

    Hello Kevin,

    Last night I was going through some boxes that were packed three years ago for the move from Oregon to Rio Rancho, NM where I am now living. In one box I found your holiday card from 2000 with your business card attached. That ended the unpacking and I spent the rest of the evening online starting with Innovation Focus and then to your Maison d’Etre site and finally to your blog.

    How can I say it? I learned more about you in a couple hours than all the time collected in California. The only art work I recall from those days was your Self-Realization Fellowship project. The work shown on your blog was total eye candy. Both your art and writing show strength in mixing fantasy, realiity and satire which I found a good mix. Your Multiple Personality Self-Portrait is perfect example. It leaves the viewer pondering what is the truth, all of it, part of it or is it all just in jest.

    It is great that you have found so much serenity in your new abode in the woods. The one thing in your favor is your hermit ability. That is what I was unable to develop in my ten years on beautiful forested acreage in Oregon. To this day I miss the peaceful hikes with always a new discovery.

    Anyway, it was a treat to find you and learn that you have successfully found a good life. I would very much appreciate a reply.


    Wayne Johnson

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