Calla Lilies

May 18, 2009

Calla Lilies 5.18.09

“Calla Lilies,” by Kevin Miller, 20″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas, May, 2009

29″ x 32″ framed and ready to hang

Peaceful “Calla Lilies” seemed like the perfect thing to paint while I was down with a springtime cold or allergies for a week. Introspective, lyrical and spiritual, calla lilies have always captivated me, as they did Diego Rivera, who painted them frequently. I return to them for refuge, as I do to prayer or meditation from time to time. Their unfolding spiral design centers me. Calla lilies impart peace.

I finished “Calla Lilies” Saturday evening at 6pm and enjoyed a drink up in the Tree House Deck overlooking the pond, watching the koi leap and thinking about the future. I made chicken and vegetable fajitas with refried beans on corn tortillas for dinner. It was a warm evening. A thunderstorm was approaching, so I opened all the doors and windows in my rickety old temporary house to enjoy it. A car full of young people drove by on my dirt road and shouted “WHITE TRASH!” I felt a surge of pride to know that after a lifetime of hard mental and aesthetic work, worldwide travel and high level work with scores of Fortune 500 companies, and other richly varied experiences, I had finally earned this label.

However, this morning it occurred to me that I probably could have arrived at this same place without devoting so many decades of my life to commercial concerns, just by squatting in a shack in the woods somewhere and painting. But there are no mistakes in life. I had, and continue have so much to learn. The commercial arena has been an excellent school for absorbing needed lessons and balancing my natural hermit tendencies with activities among people in the “real” world.

Still, it feels really wonderful to spend at least some time painting again. As long as I can pay essential bills and feed and shelter myself and my animals, I’d rather paint any day than count a mountain of money.


2 Responses to “Calla Lilies”

  1. rita said

    This weblog of yours is really really attractive, Kevin! So pleasant to scroll through and to read and to look at the photos. Easy on the ideas. Peaceful. Inviting.

  2. Rita, you are so kind. “Attractive, pleasant, easy on the ideas, peaceful, and inviting” — these are exactly the attributes I am trying to achieve here. So it is very encouraging to know that you feel these things are becoming evident. I am really enjoying the process of building the blog. Thank you for visiting it!

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