2-Man Show at Sawmill Barn Art Gallery Aug 29 to Sept 6

August 27, 2010

Robert Allen and Kevin Miller will show 100 recent large paintings at Sawmill Barn Art Gallery in South Central PA Aug 29 to Sept 6, with an Open House from noon to 6pm, Sunday Aug 29. The two artists will each show their own canvases as well as many paintings that are two-artist collaborations, signed Allen Miller. Visitors will see 40 recent canvases at the new house under construction at “The Cliffs” portion of the property and 60 large new paintings in the Sawmill Barn Art Gallery on “The Ponds” section of the acreage, where they can also feed the 90 koi in the half-acre pond and have a glass of wine or soda in the pavilion or on the tree house deck..

Below are some examples of recent large paintings shown in the 2-man exhibit.

“Joined at the Heart” 4 x 6 ft acrylic on canvas, 2-man painting by Robert Allen & Kevin Miller, signed Allen Miller

“Deluge,” 4 x 6 ft acrylic on canvas, Robert Allen, 2010

“Return to Provence” and “The Old College Town” 4 x 4 ft oils on canvas in progress, Kevin Miller 2010


2 Responses to “2-Man Show at Sawmill Barn Art Gallery Aug 29 to Sept 6”

  1. Lara S. said

    I so wish we lived closer . . . the work is absolutely, vividly alive! Would love to see it in person . . . maybe someday . . .

    • kevinmillerart said

      Thanks Lara. The day will come when we get to see each other again and catch up. Meanwhile, it’s just good to be in touch.

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