Big New Provence Style Oil Paintings from Kevin Miller

September 4, 2010

“Return to Provence,” 4×4 ft oil on canvas, Kevin Miller, September, 2010

“San Clemente Summer,” 4×4 ft oil on canvas, Kevin Miller, September, 2010

I am painting 14 hours a day to finish all the large canvases I started earlier this summer in preparation for installing a museum-scale art exhibit at the new Manheim Township Public Library, just north of Lancaster, PA, in less than a week. You are welcome to attend the Artists’ Reception Sunday, Sept 12, 7-9pm for Robert Allen and me and 12 other artists from this region. Robert and I will exhibit about 50 of our new canvases — his work, mine, and our 2-artist canvases, some of which you can see below.  

Above are two oil paintings in my “Provence Style,” completed in the last few days. The first one, “Return to Provence,” is based on a pencil sketch I made while sitting on a hillside in the country outside Aix-en-Provence, France, where I was studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts 41 years ago. I have painted this landscape three times. Some day I’ll get it right… The second canvas, “San Clemente Summer,” is loosely based on the Southern California home I owned over 15 years ago, overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Dana Point Harbor. The hills always turned golden ochre in the summer. These paintings are influenced by Picasso and Van Gogh and Cezanne who lived and worked in the hills around Aix-en-Provence.

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