“Woodland Spirits” and “Autumn Reflection”

September 10, 2010



“Woodland Spirits,” 4 ft x 4 ft acrylic on canvas, Kevin Miller, 2010

“Autumn Reflection,” 4 ft x 4 ft oil on canvas, Kevin Miller, 2010

Today was the first of two days of intense work by many people to install 100 paintings in the inaugural group art exhibit at the beautiful new Manheim Township Public Library, which looks for all the world like a cutting edge new contemporary art museum just north of Lancaster, PA. I have been working on the two paintings above for much of the summer, along with many others. I arose at 3am yesterday to finish “Autumn Reflections,” a 4 x 4 ft oil on canvas in my “Provence Style.” And I was up again at 3am this morning to finish “Woodland Spirits,” a 4×4 ft acrylic on canvas in my “Fantasy Style.” Robert Allen and I have been working intensely all summer to be ready for this installation day at the library. We signed, stretched, listed and loaded 60 large new canvases in our rented trailer and pulled out of Sawmill Run in Robert’s big honkin’ Dodge ram pick-up truck at noon. Tomorrow we will leave for the second day of installation at 7:30 am. It is looking good. I am proud that they chose my four big “Provence Style” landscapes to display in the entry hall of the new library. We hope to have good crowds for the Donors’ Reception and the Artists’ Reception on Sunday, Sept 12, 3-6pm and 7-9 pm.


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