“Pending – A, B, C,” iPad art by Kevin L Miller

February 27, 2020

“Pending – A” iPad Pro composition by Kevin L Miller, 2020

The iPad Pro, with digital pencil and Art Set Pro app, offers an easy, quick, virtual multi-media experience for exploring and sharing visual concepts. Like a lot of people these days, I cannot help thinking about the global climate change emergency and impending cascading environmental collapse. In “Pending – A” that unhappy concept took form as the large central black and blue triangle above. The red triangle to the left represents governmental collapse and the potential, if not manifest reality, of losing the American and other democratic republics and systems to authoritarian totalitarianism. The orange triangle on the right symbolizes the potential collapse of society, including the world economy, infrastructure, and rule of law. “Pending – A” is meant to present the potential for massive destructive change.

“Pending – B,” iPad Pro composition by Kevin L Miller, 2020

“Pending – B” represents the current chaotic state of affairs in the global environment as represented by the large central blue-black triangle, governments – the red triangle, and society at large – the yellow-orange triangle. The black marks were made with my finger on the iPad Pro. All other marks and areas were made with a digital pencil.

“Pending – C,” iPad Pro composition by Kevin L Miller, 2020

“Pending – C” is intended to forecast the potential future state of the world environment, governments, and society. Yes… This is an ominous image, and anyone objectively observing the state of global climate change, the rise of extreme right wing authoritarianism at the expense of democracy, and the collapse of the normal social order in the world today, would have to agree that it would not be accurate or honest to paint a pretty picture of contemporary world history.

We live in a very challenging time, and we are all called upon to observe, participate, integrate, and respond to profound ethical and moral dilemmas with any means at our disposal. For me that means meditating and making art. If I try to ignore the sad realities, a blockage forms in my mind and spirit, preventing me from fully participating in everything that is still good and functioning in the world. When I integrate frightening concepts into the totality of my consciousness by making art about them, I am able to better understand these horrors and live with them. There are many ways of achieving this kind of integration, and all individuals must find the avenues of action that will work effectively for them.

Then, with courage, perseverance, integrity and balanced peace of mind, we will do our best to face whatever comes. Most of all, it is now important to center ourselves in the True Self – the Soul or Spirit within, in order to become able to “stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds,” as the great meditation guru Paramahansa Yogananda advised us to do.


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